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Gaston Soffritti by shoutgirl11 Gaston Soffritti by shoutgirl11
hihi ^^ i was very happy with this one :D i've worked on it for a long time:P

i used: h, b, 4b and 8b

hope you like it ^^
Elveanna Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi there! :wave:

I'm here on behalf of #Traditional-Artists to make sure you get all the feedback this piece got at our last Critique Night! :aww:
I hope it is helpful and you can use it for your future work! :)

:bulletgreen: By *krysyonysh:
“Well, personally, I don't like when the head of a portrait is cut. It happens often when it is copied from a photo, which is not bad, I am doing it by myself, but I always try to fill missing "gaps". The face is well done, all proportions are right, nothing to complain about. But all in all it is too smooth, no texture worked out, I have a feeling that pencil strokes are rubbed with a finger intentionally, which makes the picture on average too grayish. And I would work more on eyes, they are a bit too small and lack of shading to make them less flat and to make irises more interesting.”

:bulletgreen: By *LeahJay:
“There is a lot to like here. I like his eyes, great job there - I like his mouth and lips. This is careful work I can see that. With hair, I find that so many people want to draw each hair. It's really good to think of hair in masses first, then add detail. For an example, see here: [link] there are many tutorials on drawing hair masses out there and this is just one.
Yours is pretty good but could use a little highlighting and simplifying. Photography: Make sure there is enough light on your photo. If you have a "white balance" selection on your camera, use it. You can also regain the values by using Photoshop to adjust Curves. It's hard to explain exactly how but just save it first, then experiment with adjusting Curves up and down and every which way in your new version - then don't save - just learn how the Curves adjustment tool works first. This picture is a good likeness, you included the hoodie and rendered that too, and it is well-cropped in the space, so thumbs up and - well done! PS. If you want to get really good at drawing faces, try drawing older people - their bone structure is more visible and you can learn from their imperfections :D

:bulletgreen: By ~Liennepien:
“To start - The digital representation of the drawing is not very good. But that's not always something to 'blame' on the artist, it is of course what you have available. Also the watermark doesn't help, it's in the middle of his face! Maybe you could put in a smaller one yourself, just using some minor program like paint. I like the shading in the face, especially around the nose it's been very well done! Very soft and with a subtle shine. The anatomy also looks pretty good to me, only his chin seems a bit long (but on the other hand, I find it hard to judge when I don't know the person or have seen the actual reference). I'm not sure about the composition: on one side it's quite balanced, but on the other it's not very interesting. The face is the 'point of interest', but is not really claiming this spot. The hair is very dark which gives the drawing contrast, but the other parts are quite light, which is why the hair grabs most attention. I'd try to give the shading in the face and his clothes more depth by adding deeper and darker shadows (e.g. his eyelashes and the inner circle (forgot the word, haha) of the eye could be darker, they'd grab more attention this way). Also, the hair is shaded in a much more 'rough' style than the rest, try to keep it more alike. Keep it up!”

:bulletgreen: By ~Elveanna:
“Okay, first off: since I didn't know who that is I googled him and hope I'm not talking complete rubbish when it comes to likeness and such Let me comment on anatomy first. That looks fairly well, they eyes might be a tad too small, but the nose looks fine. I'm afraid it's hard to say anything about the mouth, since the watermark is obscuring most of it. It seems to me though that the chin is too far on the left (and the mouth also leaning into that direction): If you imagine a line dangling down from his forehead, the centre of the mouth should be on that (which it ever so slightly isn't), as well as the centre of the chin (which it definitely isn't). But what you really need to focus on is shading. The whole face is very very light, without much dark shadows. The way you did the nose is definitely the right direction, it looks great, but be even more bold. There's usually a shadow below the lower lip, which is missing completely, and by darkening the areas around the eyes you emphasize that they are basically balls on hollows. The one under the nose is a good example, it's really really dark - use such shadows around the eyes, under the lower lip, maybe a bit on the upper - look at your reference and always remember the shape of the skull and the muscles underneath - it's something that comes with practice. Next, the hoodie. I quite like the way you worked that out on the left, it has depth and shadows and everything important - try to work that way on the right hand side as well. It might also be nice to not blend those areas to create a bit more texture as it is usually visible on textiles. I like his hair though, and the eyes are very well done, and you managed quite a nice likeness. Keep it up! :thumbsup:

:icontraditional-artists: :heart:
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